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Nicole Richie’s Kinky Watersports Fetish

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

The rich and famous sure have a lot of kinky fetishes.  These celebs have everything handed to them on a silver platter, including sex, so I guess they’ve got to develop their kinky appetites to get some excitement from their carnal conquests.  And Nicole Richie’s more spoiled than most, growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth, and another one topped with cocaine up her nose, as the adopted daughter of a big star like Lionel Richie.  And with a bestie like Paris Hilton, you know that this hottie grew up a wild child who’s had lots of sexual experiences even before she’s reached legal age.

So now that she’s had her fill of tasting every form of straight casual sex possible, many times over?  Well, she’s got to go an try some kinky stuff, of course!  And it seems that Nicole Richie’s chosen to go the really nasty route when it comes to her fetish, by getting erotic pleasure through some watersports.  That means indulging in a fetish for peeing and maybe even getting some golden showers by being peed on.  But here we see her getting great pleasure from stripping naked and then spreading her legs for a good piss.  She’s also adding a little extra kinkiness to some sessions by getting some hot lesbian action going as well.  Two pussies perched on top of each other is so yummy, even if one of them is peeing, I have to admit.  Besides, it’s Nicole Richie’s pussy, so as a horny fan, we’ve just got to revel in the sight of it, even if you’re not into playing with piss.

See how naughty Nicole Richie can be if she puts her mind to it?  Paris Hilton and her blowjobs can’t hold a candle to this wet and wild Richie action!  Check out more of Nicole Richie getting wanton with her wee-wee, and lots more Nicole Richie naked adventures, by clicking on that link!

Kinky Nicole Richie Poses Topless

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Though posing topless and exposing her boobies may not seem like such a kinky thing to do, especially giving that Nicole Richie‘s even more notorious bestie is known for doing something even nastier, we think that this pic of Nicole shows a potential that the more shallow Paris Hilton doesn’t even have.  I mean, what did Paris give us?  That’s right, a sex tape showing some great cocksucking and hard n’ fast fucking in the dark.  Yeah, it was hot, but it’s not something that we haven’t seen before from porn stars (which is what Paris would be without her trust fund).  What Nicole Richie is giving her horny fans here is something more sublime — a fetish shot!  This ain’t just a topless Nicole Richie pic, this is Nicole Richie with her top off, but with her entire bottom part covered by black nylon stockingsHer pussy can be spotted under that see-through material, and boy is it blazing hot, or what?  This ain’t no ordinary tits-and-pussy show Nicole is putting on here, she’s showing everyone that she’s one kinky bitch with lots of potential to get even nastier in bed than Paris!

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Nicole Richie Has The Hottest Mom Ass On The Planet

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Nicole Richie just had a baby a few short months ago.  Or was it weeks?  I dunno, What guy follows celebrity pregnancies anyway?  But here she is, walking down the street with her weight back to normal (is that a good thing?  I dunno) and showing us that she’s got the hottest ass of any mom on the planet.  Now even though Jessica Alba‘s given birth recently too, and she’s got an ass shot that every horndog’s used as their wallpaper at least once, I’m not even sure she can beat this firm, rounded, and tight bootylicious thing.  Nicole Richie’s not even in a bikini or something like that, but she’s giving me a stiffy.

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