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Nicole Richie Has The Hottest Mom Ass On The Planet

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Nicole Richie just had a baby a few short months ago.  Or was it weeks?  I dunno, What guy follows celebrity pregnancies anyway?  But here she is, walking down the street with her weight back to normal (is that a good thing?  I dunno) and showing us that she’s got the hottest ass of any mom on the planet.  Now even though Jessica Alba‘s given birth recently too, and she’s got an ass shot that every horndog’s used as their wallpaper at least once, I’m not even sure she can beat this firm, rounded, and tight bootylicious thing.  Nicole Richie’s not even in a bikini or something like that, but she’s giving me a stiffy.

For more stiffy-inducing Nicole Richie stuff, why not check out this site, and maybe you’ll see this on-again-off-again anorexic in a different light.