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Best Fucking Friends

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

nicole richie and lindsay lohan sexy

Move over Paris Hilton. Nicole Richie has a new BFF, and it’s Lindsay Lohan. Well, BFF in their case may stand for Best Fucking Friends instead of Best Friends Forever. It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan likes to lick pussy. And it was always hinted at that Nicole Richie could very well be bisexual; notice how homoerotic her relationship with Paris Hilton was in their reality television show.

nicole richie and lesbian sex

Anyway, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie can now spend a lot of time with each other because Lindsay has already broken up with her lesbian lover, Samantha Ronson. The thought of Nicole and Lindsay fucking each other seems a very appealing. They could suck on each other’s nipples, finger each other and eat out one another’s clitoris. It’s so enticing that it’d make you want to join in.

nicole richie and lindsay lohan hot

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Nicole Richie’s Kinky Watersports Fetish

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

The rich and famous sure have a lot of kinky fetishes.  These celebs have everything handed to them on a silver platter, including sex, so I guess they’ve got to develop their kinky appetites to get some excitement from their carnal conquests.  And Nicole Richie’s more spoiled than most, growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth, and another one topped with cocaine up her nose, as the adopted daughter of a big star like Lionel Richie.  And with a bestie like Paris Hilton, you know that this hottie grew up a wild child who’s had lots of sexual experiences even before she’s reached legal age.

So now that she’s had her fill of tasting every form of straight casual sex possible, many times over?  Well, she’s got to go an try some kinky stuff, of course!  And it seems that Nicole Richie’s chosen to go the really nasty route when it comes to her fetish, by getting erotic pleasure through some watersports.  That means indulging in a fetish for peeing and maybe even getting some golden showers by being peed on.  But here we see her getting great pleasure from stripping naked and then spreading her legs for a good piss.  She’s also adding a little extra kinkiness to some sessions by getting some hot lesbian action going as well.  Two pussies perched on top of each other is so yummy, even if one of them is peeing, I have to admit.  Besides, it’s Nicole Richie’s pussy, so as a horny fan, we’ve just got to revel in the sight of it, even if you’re not into playing with piss.

See how naughty Nicole Richie can be if she puts her mind to it?  Paris Hilton and her blowjobs can’t hold a candle to this wet and wild Richie action!  Check out more of Nicole Richie getting wanton with her wee-wee, and lots more Nicole Richie naked adventures, by clicking on that link!